Swim camp (Tuesday)

This is what I did on Tuesday for swim camp. Tuesday was backstroke day. When I got to the pool, I waited until the swim camp started. After everyone arrived, we went into the auditorium to watch some videos of backstroke. When the videos were done, we went to where our bags were and put on googles, sunscreen, and cap before we went into the water.

Since today was backstroke day, we did backstroke drills in the morning. Some of the drills I did were backstroke kick on back, kick with a rotation, one arm backstroke, and three-backstroke arms and three-freestyle arms. After we did all the drills, we got out of the pool and got changed for exercise on the pool deck. Some of the exercises we did were push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, and high knees.

After we were done with all of the exercises, we had lunch. For lunch I had a ham sandwich, an apple, an egg, and a bar. About half way though lunch, we put on some more sunscreen. My friend Lexi helped me with my back. I also refilled my water bottle with some Gatorade.

After lunch, I got filmed underwater, practiced my turns that I do in freestyle and backstroke, and did some relays.

If you want to see what I did on Wednesday, come back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Swim camp (Tuesday)

  1. I only learned to swim when your Mom was 3 years old, Claire. My first stroke was the elementary backstroke. Pretty late to learn, eh? I will be back tomorrow to read more. Do you have a favorite stroke?

  2. Hi Claire. It must be fun seeing yourself performing under water. Did it surprise you? love, Nana

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