My Greek myth

In Sixth grade, we learned about Greek myths. My teacher wanted us to make our own and I did! I am going to share my myth. Of all the things I did in Sixth grade, I chose to share this one first because I am most proud of what I did.

          Why is there lightning

In a land that is far, far away there was a family of wood nymphs who lived in a forest by the sea. In that family, there was Helena who was thirteen years old, and her parents Diana and Hector. They loved to hunt. In the sea there was a family of sea nymphs that can walk on land. In that family there was a fourteen year old named Delpia and her parents Circe and Metelius. They loved to swim in the sea with the animals. One day Helena, Diana, and Hector went to hunt in the sea. They had never been to the sea so they were amazed by the way that the sea was dazzled in the sunlight. They came to the shore of the beach and put on swimsuits and flippers and went into the water. The water was really cold but they did not mind. They swam around until they found fish swimming waiting around a rock and they killed them. Little did they know, that there was a family of sea nymphs behind the rock and saw them.

They came back to their house with fish. Delphia, Circe, and Metelius who were behind the rock saw them and decided to tell them to stop hunting. Circe, Delphia, and Metelius walked of the beach until they reached the forest. They had not been in the forest in a long time, so they were amazed by the way that the trees were swaying in the wind. As they walked deeper into the forest, they felt that the trees were singing to them. Then, they found Helena, Diana, and Hector sitting on their porch.They walked up to them and then Hector said “What do you want”.

“We saw you hunting in the sea yesterday,” exclaimed Delphia.

“We are here to tell you to stop,” exclaimed Circe.

“We were not hunting in the sea yesterday”said Diana angrily.

“Do not lie to us, we know you were hunting in the sea!”said Delphia.

“Okay fine, we were hunting in the sea yesterday,”said  Helena, sounding annoyed

“You will regret doing this” screamed Metelius.

    Later that day, Circe, Delphia and Metelius went back into the sea and swam around until they found Poseidon. After an hour they still could not find him.

“The sea is as big as the whole universe,”.shouted Circe, “this is going to take a while”.

After what seemed like forever, they finally found Poseidon.

“Hello,” said Poseidon, “do you need my help with anything?”

“In fact we do” exclaimed Circe.

“We need you to curse the people who live in the forest!” said Delphia.

“Why?” asked Poseidon.

“They were hunting in the sea and killed fish” exclaimed Metelius.

“I will gladly curse them,”said Poseidon excitedly. And that is what he did. Devastated by the curse Poseidon put on them, Helena, Diana and hector were walking around the forest when they saw this strange looking person in front of them. The stranger’s eyes were sparkling diamonds. Her hair was flowing like a river.

“Who are you?” asked Helena.

“I am Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt.” said Artemis.

“We could really use your help, Poseidon cursed us and now we can not go hunting in the sea” said Diana

“WHAT you can not go hunting that is barbaric” shouted Artemis.

“We know” exclaimed Hector.

“I could lift the curse Poseidon put on you. After all I am a goddess,” said Artemis“

Yes please” they all shouted.

     Artemis lifted the curse and they went off to the sea. They went fishing in the sea again but Delphia, Circe, and Metelius saw them. They found Poseidon and told him what they saw and asked him to do something about it. Poseidon went to Mount Olympus and asked Zeus to punish the people who lived in the forest. Zeus went to get his thunderbolt. Poseidon showed Zeus where the forest was.Then he sent lightning strikes to the forest where Helena, Diana, and Hector lived. The lighting strikes destroyed their home and everything that they owned. They saw the lightning and never went hunting in the sea again because they knew what was going to happen and it was not going to be excellent.

I hope you enjoyed my Greek myth.

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  1. I love this story Claire. Especially the names you chose for everyone! Nice job!

  2. This is very impressive, Claire. I can see that you are proud of your myth. I’m proud of you, too!

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