Monthly Archives: July 2018

My first full day in Australia

My first full day in Australia was so much fun. I woke up at 4:30 because I was jet lagged. At 5:00 or after, our parents said that we could have iPad time. After about our hour of iPad time, it was time to go down to breakfast. Our hotel had a buffet. Some of the things that they had were waffles, bacon, eggs, cereal, yogurt, and many more. For breakfast I had waffles, bacon, a croissant, a piece of banana bread, a cinnamon roll, and a small bowl of yogurt with cereal.

After I was done eating breakfast I played Uno with my sister. When we were done playing a few games we went back to our room to read. We read for about forty five minutes. After we were done reading, we went to the grocery store. When we game back from the grocery store, we put the grocery away and got ready to go to the pool. After we put on our swimsuits and sunscreen, we went down to the pool.

We had unlimited soft drinks for one day and we used it today. After about 30 minutes our dad came in to the pool. We played sharks and minnows. After we played sharks and minnows, we played catch with one of the balls there. Then my dad got out of the pool. After about 30 minutes our dad showed us the lunch menu, so we could choose what we have for lunch. When our lunch was ready, we got out of the pool so we could eat. When my mom told us that we could have dessert, I got really excited. I ordered a chocolate tart. The tart was rock solid with an enormous mountain of raspberry sorbet, a crispy topping and a perfect drizzle of raspberry syrup. When we were done eating we went back into the pool. After about 45 minutes, we got out to go take a shower before we had dinner. We had dinner at the hotel. After dinner, we went to bed.


Over the Fourth of July, I went to see my cousins in Virginia. I am going to tell you about some of my favorite things I did there.

One of my favorite things I did in Virginia was go to a fun swim club. We went to the pool with our cousin Susan. The swim club had four pools. When we got there we put on some sunscreen and we went swimming. There was this really high diving board at the pool. After about forty five minutes we took a break and had some popsicles. When we were done eating our popsicles we went back into the pool. After about 30 minutes we packed up and drove back to our cousins house.

Another one of my favorite things to do in Virginia was to watch soccer games with my cousins. Each morning that there was a soccer game we got up a little early, so we could have breakfast before we watched the game that was in the morning. My cousin Susan was yelling a lot because she loves soccer.

Another one of my favorite things I did in Virginia was setting off fireworks on the Fourth of July. We had a ton of fireworks and different kinds. We had small, big, sparklers, and many more. When all of the fireworks were done, we went to bed.

The final thing that I enjoyed in Virginia was seeing a live performance of the third Harry Potter movie. When we got to Wolf Trap, which is where the performance was, we found some tables where we could have dinner. When we were done with dinner, we found our seats. When it was done, we drove back to our cousins’ house.

I really like going to Virginia so I hope we can go again over the Fourth of July. Bye!

My Birthday Party

For my 11th birthday party I went to a amusement park called Great America  The friends that I invited were Kate, Regan, and Lexi. Kate and I were doing the same camp so we walked over to my house after camp was over. When we got to my house, we made sandwiches to eat on the way to pick up Regan. After we picked up Regan, we drove to Great America. When we got there, my dad and my sister were already there. Then we put on sunscreen and walked to the entrance. When we got into the park Kate, Regan, my dad, and I went on flight deck which is a rollercoaster. The line was really short so we got on really fast. My dad was so nervous but I was really excited. We were in the back row. After it stoped, Kate Regan and I wanted to go on it again. This time we sat in the front row. In my opinion siting in the front row is less freaky because you can se the track so you know what is coming. While we where on fight deck, my mom and my sister we checking out our cabana. After fight deck, we did a few more rides before we went to the pool area. When we got there, Kate and Regan went to the water slide. My sister and I went to the wave pool. After about an hour my other friend Lexi came. After about an forty five minutes, we changed back to our clothes. On the way to get a treat, we did a few more rides. For treats Kate got dipping dots and the rest of us got funnel cake. The line for the funnel cake was really long. I got tired of waiting. To pass time we looked at funny cat pictures on Regan's phone. Finally I got a funnel cake. After about ten minutes, Kate and I went on a baby rollercoaster. After we had our treats, Kate, Regan and my mom went on a rollercoaster while my sister and I went on a swing ride. After that it was time to drop off my guests. This birthday party was as fun and awesome as my other birthday parties.