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Thanksgiving 2012

For Thanksgiving we had Jack, Sharon and Aunt Mona visiting us. We all had a great time eating a yummy Thanksgiving meal from Draeger’s including pumpkin pie off the china dessert plates from my grandmother’s wedding. Check out the ultra-wide panorama picture of all of us sitting at Thanksgiving dinner. We also visited San Francisco including a cable car ride and sipping hot chocolate after visiting theĀ the huge gingerbread house at the Fairmont Hotel.

We’re also trying a new format for pictures that WordPress. See below for a mosaic of all our images from the holiday, or click on one of the pictures to start at a slideshow.

Halloween 2012

Who’s there?
Boo Who?
Don’t cry, it’s only a ghost!

The girls got excited about knock-knock jokes this Halloween season. Other highlights of October included a visit to our local pumpkin patch, many fun parties with friends, and of course, trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Click on the photo of Claire and Juliet (aka Mermaid and Fishy) for a slideshow.