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Sayulita 2012

We headed down to Mexico in early March for a lovely week with Grandma Judy on the beach in a small town called Sayulita. With a non-stop flight, only a 2-hour time change, a great house to rent, and lots of fun restaurants a 10-minute walk away, it was just about perfect. Click on the picture of Claire and Juliet on the beach for a slideshow, including lots of playtime on the beach, walking along the promenade in Puerto Vallarta (about an hour away), eating pasta, playing in the pools, and enjoying rather large margaritas. Below the slideshow is a picture from my new Lytro camera, a cool new toy that allows you to click on different parts of the image and change the focus. Click on Juliet or the mountains in the background and try it!

Claire and Juliet on the beach in Sayulita

We just finished re-ordering the past year or so of posts to put them in the order events happened, rather than in the frequently different order we got around to posting blog entries! We’ll continue doing this sporadically to fix the timeline.