Monthly Archives: July 2009

Visiting Essex

When on the east coast a few weeks ago, we also visited my parents in Connecticut, where Claire enjoyed a great visit with her Nana, Poppa, and special guest Aunt Eileen, plus a yummy homemade birthday cake and her first small town 4th of July parade. Also included are a few pictures of berry picking the day after we returned. Click on the picture below for a slideshow.

Claire watching the Ivoryton Fourth of July parade

Family reunion

My extended family gets together every two years for a family reunion. This year’s was held in Stowe, Vermont, where Claire and Juliet were part of an influx of young children from the next generation. Highlights included Juliet sleeping on the floor under Claire’s feet on our cross country flight, more birthday cake and presents, visiting the Ben & Jerry’s factory (and enjoying some samples at the end of a tour), lots of fun times with the Jack and Sharon, playing with Laura, Will and Rob, Claire smooching her cousin Elliot, a bathtime playdate for Claire with two of her cousins, and cousin Robbie doing a slide show on a sheet hung from the fireplace mantle.  Click on our family group photo that Uncle Bob took for a slideshow.

Bob's 2009 Lampe Family Reunion photo

Claire’s 2nd birthday

Claire got together with a few of her friends in late June to celebrate both her birthday and her friend Riley’s in our backyard with lots of cupcakes, pushtoys, and sidewalk chalk. Also, for the statistics hounds out there, at her two-year checkup Claire was 37″ tall (99th percentile, same as 6 months ago) and 29 pounds (77th percentile, a bit less than 82nd percentile last time). Click on the picture below for a slideshow.

Claire and Riley at the second birthday