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Easter 2009

We had a fun Easter two weekends ago, including a very important milestone: Claire’s first Easter Egg Hunt. We headed to our local town park for the occasion, a half-day celebration hosted by our local fire department. It was a zoo, with 80 or 90 kids under two-years old running around and their parents trying to take pictures. But it was fun, and we ran into lots of people we knew. We then headed up to San Francisco for a tasty Easter Dinner prepared by our friends John and Bam Toth (with their daughter Tori for Claire to play with). As usual Bam cooked us a phenomenal meal, made all the more special by Easter lamb cake, which is about what it sounds: a cake in the shape of a lamb. Other highlights included Juliet sleeping soundly through the entire dinner. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Claire at her first Easter egg hunt

Nana and Poppa visit

My parents — Nana and Poppa to the girls — wrapped up a fun nine-day visit last week. Poppa took Claire for lots of walks around the neighborhood and to the swings at our local park, while Nana was both soother-in-chief for Juliet (cuddling and cooing non-stop) and chef-in-residence for the rest of us, making countless tasty meals. It was particularly kind of them to stay for a few extra days and help Katherine after I had to leave town on a Wikipedia trip. They also had the chance to catch up with our friends John, Deanna and little Marlow who came by for a quick visit. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Nana and Poppa with Juliet