Monthly Archives: April 2008

More peas, please

Claire is energetically eating solid food now and “finger food” has become her preferred meal. Click on the triangle play button below for a video of a recent dinner.

Of course we’ve also got some pictures, including hiking with Grandma Judy on a recent visit, doing the laundry together, and visiting the gardens at Filoli with friends. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Claire with Grandma Judy

9-month checkup

We took Claire for her 9-month checkup this morning. At 29.5 inches, she’s an unsurprising 96th percentile in height. At just over 21 pounds, she’s at the 85th percentile in weight. Contrary to our nervous questioning, Dr. Drucker told us Claire is not gaining too much weight, is not teething too late, is not eating too many carrots, is not standing too little, is not drinking too much formula, is not suffering from food allergies, and is not sleeping too much. She also told us Claire is now ready to eat pancakes so when Grandma Judy visits this weekend we might have to make some!