Monthly Archives: June 2009

Grandma Judy visit

Grandma Judy visited us for five days last week. Among other things, Judy joined us for Juliet’s 4-month checkup. At 25.5″, Juliet is at the 91st percentile in height (compared to 70th percentile at 2-months) and a quarter-inch taller than Claire was at 4 months, so it looks like we’ve got another Amazon on our hands. At 14 lbs, 4 oz, she’s in the 66th percentile in weight down slightly from 67th last time and exactly even with where Claire was at that age. Other highlights included Claire and Juliet enjoying long walks with grandma (including three over the course of just one day), early presents for Claire’s second birthday, the two girls sitting together on their “potties” looking out at the backyard, and a barbeque dinner where Claire ate mostly ketchup. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Judy and Juliet in the backyard

Aunt Mona visit

The girls’ world-traveling Aunt Mona had a layover in San Francisco last week on her way from India to Seattle so stopped by the house for a quick visit. Claire and Juliet were thrilled to see her and we all had some fun. Also included are some pictures from a warm afternoon when we tried out our new Slip ‘n Slide in the backyard with our neighbors and their kids, plus a cute video of Juliet gurgling and giggling. Click on the picture below to see.

Aunt Mona and Juliet

Monterey Bay

Over Memorial Day weekend we rented a condo in Pacific Grove, a cute little town on Monterey Bay. On the way down, we stopped at a strawberry picking farm, where we picked three baskets of strawberries and Claire ate at least 30.  We had a relaxing time, going for long stroller rides along the ocean, taking the girls to their first visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, sighsteeing along 17-Mile Drive, and even discovering a brewery that makes tasty English ales. We also got a cute picture of Juliet in her strawberry-themed pyjamas, which was one of our favorite outfits of Claire’s.  Click on the photo below of Claire “picking” a strawberry for a slideshow.

Claire eating strawberries she is supposed to be picking