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Juliet’s Third Birthday

Juliet turned three and we celebrated in style, with lots of cupcakes (in two batches) and a party with her friends. Highlights included playing in the backyard, taking lots of pictures, and wearing lots of frosting. Juliet also switched out of her crib and into a big girl bed…. sharing a room with her big sister! Click on the picture of Juliet eyeing her birthday cupcake and candle for a slideshow which includes a video of singing Happy Birthday.

Aunt Mona visit

The girls’ world-traveling Aunt Mona had a layover in San Francisco last week on her way from India to Seattle so stopped by the house for a quick visit. Claire and Juliet were thrilled to see her and we all had some fun. Also included are some pictures from a warm afternoon when we tried out our new Slip ‘n Slide in the backyard with our neighbors and their kids, plus a cute video of Juliet gurgling and giggling. Click on the picture below to see.

Aunt Mona and Juliet

Apple confusion

So far we have managed to avoid nipple confusion with Juliet, although Claire seems to have developed “apple confusion,” a condition in which all fruits are called “apple”. Click on the triangle play button below for a video demonstration:


In this food-themed post, we’ve also got a quick slideshow of Claire enjoying another of her favorites, guacamole:

Claire and guacamole

Father's Day

We celebrated our first Father’s day with a trip to see our friends John and Deanna, whose daughter Marlow was born just six days earlier. We also have some fun pictures of Claire showing off her 96th percentile in height, visiting the park with her friend Lauren, and diving into a big dish of Cheerios at another friend’s birthday party. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

John and Stu with their daughters

Claire’s latest trick is crawling, which she is doing enthusiastically. Click on the triangle play button below for a video showing both her newfound mobility and her curiosity about cameras.

More peas, please

Claire is energetically eating solid food now and “finger food” has become her preferred meal. Click on the triangle play button below for a video of a recent dinner.

Of course we’ve also got some pictures, including hiking with Grandma Judy on a recent visit, doing the laundry together, and visiting the gardens at Filoli with friends. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Claire with Grandma Judy

Thanksgiving 2007

Photo of Claire in a very cute red dressWe just returned from a five-day Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma, where we visited my sister Eileen, her husband Abbas, their daughters Sara, Sophie and Susan, Abbas’s sister Hediyeh, my sister Mona, and my Uncle Mike and Aunt Lou Ann. We enjoyed exploring the new house Eileen and Abbas just built, cooked a lot of food in their deluxe kitchen, watched a few movies, ate dinner out at a great steakhouse, and even visited a fascinating exhibit called Our Body: The Universe Within. We missed my parents, who couldn’t join us at the last minute, but thought of them often. Click on the photo below for a slideshow of pictures from Abbas and us.

Thanksgiving photo of the whole family

Also, here’s a 90-second video of Claire in Oklahoma practicing her conversation skills, including gurgling, finger-chewing, and laughter-induced hiccups. Click on the triangle “Play” button in the image below to start the video.

Three-month birthday

In honor of Claire’s three month birthday, here’s a grab bag of photos and a video from the past few weeks, including this rather cute shot with Katherine. Click on the photo for the slideshow or see below for the video.

Katherine holding Claire in our kitchen

Here’s a short video from this morning of Claire waking up. Click on the triangle “Play” button in the image below to start the video.

Morning workout

While we realize a three-minute long, poorly-lit, plot-less, jerky movie taken with our little digital camera is not exactly Oscar-worthy, Katherine and I could watch this video of Claire waking up yesterday morning over and over again so we thought we’d share. Be sure to turn on your sound to enjoy every grunt, gurgle, and lip-smack of “dialog” as Claire stretches after Katherine lets her out of her little sleep sack. Even if you just see the first 30 seconds, it’s pretty cute.

Click on the triangle “Play” button in the image below to start the video.