Monthly Archives: September 2007

Three-month birthday

In honor of Claire’s three month birthday, here’s a grab bag of photos and a video from the past few weeks, including this rather cute shot with Katherine. Click on the photo for the slideshow or see below for the video.

Katherine holding Claire in our kitchen

Here’s a short video from this morning of Claire waking up. Click on the triangle “Play” button in the image below to start the video.

Santa Cruz

We spent last weekend on the California coast, catching up with Kristin and Joel Revill and staying on a beautiful beach between Santa Cruz and Monterey. With the Revills (including Anna, 4, and Sam, 1 week younger than Claire), as well as their friends Bob and Colleen (and son Matthew), it was a fun family weekend of playing on the beach and visiting the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bob, Joel and I even had a chance to do a triathlon (with Claire running across the finish line with me). Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Claire and Sam laying on their moms' knees in Santa Cruz

L.A. Times

Though it left out her name, the Los Angeles Times mentioned Claire indirectly on Wednesday when it quoted her nerdy but proud father in an article about a new telephone gadget called Ooma. Here’s an excerpt:

…Stuart West of Menlo Park, Calif., who has been testing Ooma for six months. After an unexpected $250 mobile phone bill one month, he and his technology-averse wife began using their Ooma service for most calls.

“We had a baby a few months ago and spent a lot of time on the phone telling aunts and uncles and friends around the country all about our daughter,” West said.

“Ooma worked flawlessly. The voice quality was great, and nobody knew we were using anything other than a regular phone line.”

The Wests kept their land line, paying only for local service, mainly for its reliable 911 emergency calling, although Ooma also offers an enhanced 911 service similar to other VOIP providers. Their phone bill dropped by as much as $30 a month.

“It’s nice to save a little bit of money,” West said.


Claire had her first overnight trip last weekend as we headed up to Lake Tahoe to rent a house for a few days of drinking in the mountain air at 6,800 feet, relaxing by the lake, gazing at the fabulous scenery, and sampling the local cuisine for tapas, Mexican, pizza, lake-side views, and even healthy breakfasts. Claire seemed quite content during the four hour drives there and back, enjoyed her makeshift bathtub (see photos), and slept as well as she does at home (including naps in the sizable walk-in closet off our bedroom). Katherine and I had fun mountain biking and trail running, swimming in the lake, and road biking. Aside from a surprisingly easy to fix mishap involving a bicycle, a roof rack, and an overhead garage door, everything went perfectly. Click on the photo below for a slide show.

Photo of Claire on the beach in Tahoe with Katherine and Stu