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Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Dallas this year. Highlights included staying at Mike and Lou’s new house, Claire and Juliet enjoying time with their cousins Sophie, Susan and Sara including singing along to the Sound of Music for the first time, and seeing Katherine’s cousin Tom and Aunt Betty (one of Claire Elizabeth’s namesakes). The visit wrapped up with two fun days at a local indoor waterpark, where the girls played in pools, rode down waterslides, gorged on cheese curds, and helped Susan celebrate her birthday at Scooops, the ice-cream themed “no parent zone” spa.

Here’s a kid quote from the visit, something Claire said to me after spending a few days hanging out mostly with her Sara, Sophie and Susan. I tried to take her to the bathroom and she told me:

Daddy, only my cousins can take me to the potty!

For a slideshow of picture from Abbas and me, click on Abbas’s great picture of Claire and her three cousins with my parents’ dog Jeffrey.

Claire helping Susan celebrate her birthday at Scoops, the ice-creme themed kids spa

Fall 2010 catchup

We had a busy few months and fell behind on pictures so here’s some to catch up, including the girls (mostly Claire) helping to make muffins one Sunday morning, testing out our new bike trailer, visiting our friend Carrie’s horse Sunny up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Juliet’s first play-doh experience, going to the beach with our friends the Revills and watching Claire and Anna build sandcastles, a visit from Judy around my birthday, the girls and their dolls, and of course the usual pics of eating and one of iPhone-powered potty time.

The girls are both talking a lot now so to give a sense of the Shakespearean dialogue we’ll start to sprinkle in some quotes.  Today, we’ve got two from Claire.  The first she said right after I started work:

Daddy started a new job, just like Curious George?

The second she said to Katherine one morning right after I left for the office:

I want mommy to go to work and daddy stay home and make grilled cheese.

Click on the picture of Claire helping me blow out my birthday candles for a slideshow.

Claire helping Stu blow out his birthday candles