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Christmas 2009, Texas

We headed down to Houston to celebrate a late  Christmas and New Year’s at my sister’s house.  We started off with a trip to one of my favorite college hangouts, a tex-mex classic called Chuy’s.  We then had a round of Christmas gifts for the kids.  We took Claire on a visit to see butterflies at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Will then showed Claire around his trampoline, which she really really enjoyed.  Not shown in the photos was the stomach flu that went around, but we all managed to get through it relatively unscathed.  And last but not least we took Claire for her first ice skating adventure at an outdoor rink at the local mall.  Click on the family group shot below for a slideshow.

The whole family at Christmas 2009 in Houston

Christmas 2009, OKC

Our Christmas adventure this year began in Oklahoma City, where we visited my sister Eileen’s family. The week started off with a Christmas Eve record snowfall of over 12″ that triggered an Oklahoma state of emergency, an unplanned overnight stay for my Uncle Mike and Aunt Lou Ann, and lots of fun snowplay for the five girls under 11 in the house. Other highlights include cooking, presents, movie nights, volunteering at the local Food Bank where we packed bags and bags of frozen cauliflower, and Santa’s unexpected gift of Christmas the cat. Click on the family group shot below for a slideshow. My sister Eileen did a cool video of the week as well.

The whole family at Christmas 2009 in Oklahoma