Monthly Archives: July 2008

1-year checkup

We took Claire for her 12-month checkup today and she is as healthy as can be. At 31.75 inches, she’s outpaced her friends and grown to the 99th percentile in height (up from 96% at 9-months). At 22 lbs, 14 oz, she’s the 76th percentile in weight down from 85th three months ago. So, she’s getting taller and thinner…. obviously she has her mother’s genes!

Colorado visit

We just returned from a week-long visit with Katherine’s dad Jack, his wife Sharon, Katherine’s sister Laura and her family Rob and Will at the YMCA summer family camp in Estes Park, Colorado right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. Jack has been visiting there every summer for decades and Katherine has been visiting since her childhood. We’ve got pictures including Claire getting a birthday present from Will, spending time around the cabin, walking around the Y Camp and hiking around the national park, seeing a deer (or is it an elk?) in front of our cabin, and finally a funny sequence in which Claire eagerly enjoys her first spongy white bread, discovers just how dry it is, and then guzzles water from her sippy cup to help wash it down. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Jack, Sharon, Rob, Laura, Will, Stu and Claire on Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park