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Juliet’s 1st Birthday

We celebrated Juliet’s first birthday a few weeks ago, with a small group of friends, a special visit from Grandma Judy, some presents, and of course chocolate cupcakes.  Our friend Kate took some great one-year photos of Juliet we have included as well. See also a few bonus pictures from the month of February, including Stu doing ‘yoga’ with some help from the girls. Click on the cupcake shot for a slideshow.

Juliet enjoying her first birthday cupcake

At her one-year check, Juliet weighed in at 23 pound 5 oz (83rd percentile, about the same as 82nd percentile when she was 20 lbs, 12.75 oz at nine-months) and measured 30″ tall (79th percentile, a bit lower than 82nd percentile when she was 28.5″ last time). At her 12-month appointment, Claire was 99th percentile in height and 76th in weight.