Monthly Archives: March 2009

Juliet Announcement

We’ve just sent out a baby announcement to our families. Full credit to Katherine for the design and organizational follow-through to get this done, including identifying the best of the roughly 2,500 pictures I took in Juliet’s first few days. Click on the image below for a larger version.

Baby announcement for Juliet Laura West

Apple confusion

So far we have managed to avoid nipple confusion with Juliet, although Claire seems to have developed “apple confusion,” a condition in which all fruits are called “apple”. Click on the triangle play button below for a video demonstration:


In this food-themed post, we’ve also got a quick slideshow of Claire enjoying another of her favorites, guacamole:

Claire and guacamole

Aunt Mona visit

Aunt Mona just spent a great week with us, helping out in many ways including getting Claire dressed each morning, feeding her breakfast, shuttling to daycare, bringing Katherine the all-important lattes, cooking some great meals, taking Claire to her Saturday morning KinderGym class, and making daily trips to Trader Joe’s for groceries. Click on the photo below for a slideshow which starts off with Claire’s first haircut just before Mona arrived and finishes with a some modeling shots of the girls in their matching pajamas, Claire in her “big sister” shirt, and Claire napping during a hike last weekend.

Juliet and Claire walking with Aunt Mona