Monthly Archives: March 2011

Winter 2010-2011 catchup

Sprinkled throughout our winter months were a few fun pictures worth sharing, including the girls goofing around in Katherine’s shoes, walking through puddles from the first rain of the season, arts and crafts, bath time, playing choo-choo in chairs and baskets, Claire running at her kids track class, swinging in the backyard on our new swing set, and playing dress-up. Click on the picture of Claire and Juliet for a slideshow.

Claire and Juliet

Tahoe Visit

Over President’s Day weekend, we took a trip to Lake Tahoe with our friends the Cohens and Friedmans, including Claire’s friends Max and Jake, and Juliet’s friend Maia. We enjoyed plenty of time in the snow, sledding and snowshoeing, and Claire even had her first ski lesson! We also had time to hang out with the kids and play in our PJs around the house. Click on the photo of the four of us in the snow for a slideshow.

Our family in the snow

February 2011 birthdays

February is birthday month for us, with celebrations including another 29th birthday for Katherine (Aunt Mona helped the girls bake a birthday cake and we also went out to a local Mexican restaurant), Juliet’s 2nd birthday (featuring a few cupcake parties in our backyard with the Princess Castle from cousins Sara/Sophie/Susan), and finally my godson Harrison’s 8th birthday (with pizza and cake in a nearby park). For a slideshow, click on the picture of the first of Juliet’s cupcake parties.

Claire, Harrison and Juliet with a birthday cupcake