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Katherine’s family has been going to the YMCA of the Rockies family camp in Estes Park Colorado since before she was born. We’ve carried on the tradition, getting up there once every year or two and even extending the tradition to some of Stu’s family. Here are highlights including another birthday party for Claire, visiting our old standby the Bald Pate Inn, cooking around the cabin including Persian food, fun with bubbles on the deck, lots of hiking, and a group selfie.

Christmas 2013

We’ve fallen behind posting pictures here. Thanks to Katherine’s photo organizing skills, we’ll be posting a half dozen catch ups over the next week or so.

Christmas 2013 took us to both Houston and Oklahoma City to see family. In Houston, we visited the Johnson Space Center with the girls’ cousin Will and had a fun Christmas morning (new pajamas!). We also got to visit Katherine’s old friends the Taylors and see their girls. Then it was off to Oklahoma City for much fun with the family there involving another Christmas morning, bowling, baths, and of course cheerio covered waffles.

Claire’s first bike ride

Claire’s been riding her bike, with training wheels, for a while now. Two weeks ago, she saw her next door neighbor and kindergarten classmate ride to school without training wheels. Claire got determined, and said she wanted to ride her bike to first grade this Fall “like a big kid” and would ride “every day for a half an hour” to get ready. I took the pedals off a hand-me-down “big girl bike” about 10 days ago to turn it into a “balance bike.” She scooted up and down the block with Katherine or me most days. Yesterday she asked me to put the pedals back on. Earlier tonight she hit her goal three months ahead of schedule! Click here for a video:

By the way, Katherine is on a trip to Russia right now and Claire wants to keep this a “secret” so she can surprise Mommy with her new biking skills. Don’t tell!  🙂

Halloween 2012

Who’s there?
Boo Who?
Don’t cry, it’s only a ghost!

The girls got excited about knock-knock jokes this Halloween season. Other highlights of October included a visit to our local pumpkin patch, many fun parties with friends, and of course, trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Click on the photo of Claire and Juliet (aka Mermaid and Fishy) for a slideshow.