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Juliet’s 4th Birthday

Juliet turned four in February and we celebrated in the usual way…. cupcakes and a bouncy house in the backyard!  It worked out that the best day for the party was Superbowl Sunday, so we had a football themed party with chili, inflatable footballs, and the game playing in the living room.  See below for all our pictures, including a fun one of Juliet telling her friend Jasper not to touch the cupcake she wanted, and a few shots at the end of the jewelry box from Grandma Judy.

Claire’s 5th birthday

Claire turned five years old in late June, a big milestone we celebrated at home on July 4th with about 20 friends. We had a backyard bouncy house, an arts & crafts table, lots of kids riding trikes and scooters, and of course cupcakes. Click on the picture of our family cheering on Claire for a slideshow, or the video below for the birthday song.

Juliet’s Third Birthday

Juliet turned three and we celebrated in style, with lots of cupcakes (in two batches) and a party with her friends. Highlights included playing in the backyard, taking lots of pictures, and wearing lots of frosting. Juliet also switched out of her crib and into a big girl bed…. sharing a room with her big sister! Click on the picture of Juliet eyeing her birthday cupcake and candle for a slideshow which includes a video of singing Happy Birthday.

February 2011 birthdays

February is birthday month for us, with celebrations including another 29th birthday for Katherine (Aunt Mona helped the girls bake a birthday cake and we also went out to a local Mexican restaurant), Juliet’s 2nd birthday (featuring a few cupcake parties in our backyard with the Princess Castle from cousins Sara/Sophie/Susan), and finally my godson Harrison’s 8th birthday (with pizza and cake in a nearby park). For a slideshow, click on the picture of the first of Juliet’s cupcake parties.

Claire, Harrison and Juliet with a birthday cupcake

Fall 2010 catchup

We had a busy few months and fell behind on pictures so here’s some to catch up, including the girls (mostly Claire) helping to make muffins one Sunday morning, testing out our new bike trailer, visiting our friend Carrie’s horse Sunny up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Juliet’s first play-doh experience, going to the beach with our friends the Revills and watching Claire and Anna build sandcastles, a visit from Judy around my birthday, the girls and their dolls, and of course the usual pics of eating and one of iPhone-powered potty time.

The girls are both talking a lot now so to give a sense of the Shakespearean dialogue we’ll start to sprinkle in some quotes.  Today, we’ve got two from Claire.  The first she said right after I started work:

Daddy started a new job, just like Curious George?

The second she said to Katherine one morning right after I left for the office:

I want mommy to go to work and daddy stay home and make grilled cheese.

Click on the picture of Claire helping me blow out my birthday candles for a slideshow.

Claire helping Stu blow out his birthday candles

Juliet’s 1st Birthday

We celebrated Juliet’s first birthday a few weeks ago, with a small group of friends, a special visit from Grandma Judy, some presents, and of course chocolate cupcakes.  Our friend Kate took some great one-year photos of Juliet we have included as well. See also a few bonus pictures from the month of February, including Stu doing ‘yoga’ with some help from the girls. Click on the cupcake shot for a slideshow.

Juliet enjoying her first birthday cupcake

At her one-year check, Juliet weighed in at 23 pound 5 oz (83rd percentile, about the same as 82nd percentile when she was 20 lbs, 12.75 oz at nine-months) and measured 30″ tall (79th percentile, a bit lower than 82nd percentile when she was 28.5″ last time). At her 12-month appointment, Claire was 99th percentile in height and 76th in weight.