My Greek myth

In Sixth grade, we learned about Greek myths. My teacher wanted us to make our own and I did! I am going to share my myth. Of all the things I did in Sixth grade, I chose to share this one first because I am most proud of what I did.

          Why is there lightning

In a land that is far, far away there was a family of wood nymphs who lived in a forest by the sea. In that family, there was Helena who was thirteen years old, and her parents Diana and Hector. They loved to hunt. In the sea there was a family of sea nymphs that can walk on land. In that family there was a fourteen year old named Delpia and her parents Circe and Metelius. They loved to swim in the sea with the animals. One day Helena, Diana, and Hector went to hunt in the sea. They had never been to the sea so they were amazed by the way that the sea was dazzled in the sunlight. They came to the shore of the beach and put on swimsuits and flippers and went into the water. The water was really cold but they did not mind. They swam around until they found fish swimming waiting around a rock and they killed them. Little did they know, that there was a family of sea nymphs behind the rock and saw them.

They came back to their house with fish. Delphia, Circe, and Metelius who were behind the rock saw them and decided to tell them to stop hunting. Circe, Delphia, and Metelius walked of the beach until they reached the forest. They had not been in the forest in a long time, so they were amazed by the way that the trees were swaying in the wind. As they walked deeper into the forest, they felt that the trees were singing to them. Then, they found Helena, Diana, and Hector sitting on their porch.They walked up to them and then Hector said “What do you want”.

“We saw you hunting in the sea yesterday,” exclaimed Delphia.

“We are here to tell you to stop,” exclaimed Circe.

“We were not hunting in the sea yesterday”said Diana angrily.

“Do not lie to us, we know you were hunting in the sea!”said Delphia.

“Okay fine, we were hunting in the sea yesterday,”said  Helena, sounding annoyed

“You will regret doing this” screamed Metelius.

    Later that day, Circe, Delphia and Metelius went back into the sea and swam around until they found Poseidon. After an hour they still could not find him.

“The sea is as big as the whole universe,”.shouted Circe, “this is going to take a while”.

After what seemed like forever, they finally found Poseidon.

“Hello,” said Poseidon, “do you need my help with anything?”

“In fact we do” exclaimed Circe.

“We need you to curse the people who live in the forest!” said Delphia.

“Why?” asked Poseidon.

“They were hunting in the sea and killed fish” exclaimed Metelius.

“I will gladly curse them,”said Poseidon excitedly. And that is what he did. Devastated by the curse Poseidon put on them, Helena, Diana and hector were walking around the forest when they saw this strange looking person in front of them. The stranger’s eyes were sparkling diamonds. Her hair was flowing like a river.

“Who are you?” asked Helena.

“I am Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt.” said Artemis.

“We could really use your help, Poseidon cursed us and now we can not go hunting in the sea” said Diana

“WHAT you can not go hunting that is barbaric” shouted Artemis.

“We know” exclaimed Hector.

“I could lift the curse Poseidon put on you. After all I am a goddess,” said Artemis“

Yes please” they all shouted.

     Artemis lifted the curse and they went off to the sea. They went fishing in the sea again but Delphia, Circe, and Metelius saw them. They found Poseidon and told him what they saw and asked him to do something about it. Poseidon went to Mount Olympus and asked Zeus to punish the people who lived in the forest. Zeus went to get his thunderbolt. Poseidon showed Zeus where the forest was.Then he sent lightning strikes to the forest where Helena, Diana, and Hector lived. The lighting strikes destroyed their home and everything that they owned. They saw the lightning and never went hunting in the sea again because they knew what was going to happen and it was not going to be excellent.

I hope you enjoyed my Greek myth.

Octopus Report

One day in school, my teacher said we were going to be writing reports. I chose to write one about octopuses. I chose to write about octopuses because I thought it looked like an interesting thing to write about. I’m really proud of my report. This was the first year we started writing real reports. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

Octopuses are a wonder. In some ways they seem like alien creatures. They can do things that no other animals can do. There are about 300 different species of octopuses! If you could be any octopus, what species would you be?

If I could be any octopus I would be The Caribbean octopus. It is one of my favorite. It can rapidly change colors to blend with its surroundings. It can even be practically invisible. One of the most dangerous octopuses in the world is the blue-ringed octopus. The octopus carries enough venom to kill 26 humans within minutes. You can recognize it by its yellowish skin and blue rings. Although it looks harmless and small, don’t touch it. Another fascinating octopus is the coconut octopus. The coconut octopus is about the size of your thumb. It has a habit of hiding in empty coconut shells, that’s how it got its name. All of these octopuses have really cool parts of their body.

Did you know that octopuses have nine brains? You might think they are really smart. Your correct! They are one of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean. Octopuses also have blue blood, hundreds of suckers along their arms, and three hearts. Octopuses are Invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals with no backbone, octopuses don’t even have any bones. They have excellent vision. If octopuses have these cool body parts what can they do?   

Because octopuses have no bones they can slip easily through cracks. When in danger they squirt a cloud of black ink and jet of in another direction. Octopuses arms are lined with suckers, which means the can open jars, move clamshells, and move objects. They can also take apart tubes from an aquarium tank.

Octopuses are really cool creatures. They are so different from any other animal. Their really intelligent and can do so many cool things. I really think octopuses are fascinating creatures.  

Swim camp (Tuesday)

This is what I did on Tuesday for swim camp. Tuesday was backstroke day. When I got to the pool, I waited until the swim camp started. After everyone arrived, we went into the auditorium to watch some videos of backstroke. When the videos were done, we went to where our bags were and put on googles, sunscreen, and cap before we went into the water.

Since today was backstroke day, we did backstroke drills in the morning. Some of the drills I did were backstroke kick on back, kick with a rotation, one arm backstroke, and three-backstroke arms and three-freestyle arms. After we did all the drills, we got out of the pool and got changed for exercise on the pool deck. Some of the exercises we did were push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, and high knees.

After we were done with all of the exercises, we had lunch. For lunch I had a ham sandwich, an apple, an egg, and a bar. About half way though lunch, we put on some more sunscreen. My friend Lexi helped me with my back. I also refilled my water bottle with some Gatorade.

After lunch, I got filmed underwater, practiced my turns that I do in freestyle and backstroke, and did some relays.

If you want to see what I did on Wednesday, come back tomorrow.

Swim camp (Monday)

I am going to tell you about the swim camp I am doing this week. I am going to write a different blog post per day about swim camp. The camp starts at 8:30am and ends at 3:00pm but since today was the first day we arrived a little early. The camp is four days long and each day we focus on one of the strokes. Monday’s stroke was freestyle.

When we got to the pool we waited in line to get a swim cap that has my name on it and a t-shirt. Then the head of the camp told us what the rules of the camp were. After that was done we went inside the auditorium to watch some videos of freestyle. When we were done watching the videos we went back to where our bags we and put on our caps and goggles and went to our lanes. I was in lane four. After warm ups, we did freestyle drills for the next two hours. After two hours of swimming, we got out of the pool and put on clothes and tennis shoes and did exercises on the side of the pool for half an hour. After dryland, we had lunch. For lunch I had an egg, apples, sandwich, bar, and pretzels that had peanut butter in them. After half an hour, we reapplied our sunscreen. At 1:00pm, we went back into the pool. In the afternoon, we got filmed underwater and a coach gave us feedback. We also practiced our starts and did relays.

If you want to read more about my swim camp, come back tomorrow to see what I did on Tuesday.

The day we went to the Great Barrier Reef

We woke up and I got my iPad and read on it until it was time to got down to breakfast. After breakfast we went up to our room, and packed our bags that we were going to take to the reef. It was about a forty-five minute drive to get to the boat that was going to take us to the pontoon which is what they call the boat parked out on the reef. We changed into our swimsuits on the boat. When we got to the pontoon, we left our bags on the boat and went on the pontoon. When we got on to the pontoon we got our fins and snorkeling gear. Then we waited in line to get our wet suits. When we got our wet suits on we went down to the snorkeling platform. Right before we went into the water, a guy came up and took our picture. I was so excited that I put my snorkel in my mouth. When we had our fins and snorkeling gear on we, went into the water. The water was cold at first but after a while I got used to it. When we were snorkeling we saw many different kinds of fish and coral. One kind of coral was like spaghetti and it was red. It remind me of eating pasta. We even saw a turtle. After about forty-five minutes, we got out of the water and had lunch. For lunch I had ham, rice, and bread. After lunch we went to the underwater observatory, which is this thing that is under water and you can see the reef without getting wet. After we did that, we went to this thing called a semi submarine. The semi submarine is the thing that moves in the water and you can see the reef. After we did that, we went back on the boat. On the way back we saw some wales in the water. When we got back to the dock, we got off of the boat and drove back to our hotel. Then we had dinner and went to bed. Bye!

My first full day in Australia

My first full day in Australia was so much fun. I woke up at 4:30 because I was jet lagged. At 5:00 or after, our parents said that we could have iPad time. After about our hour of iPad time, it was time to go down to breakfast. Our hotel had a buffet. Some of the things that they had were waffles, bacon, eggs, cereal, yogurt, and many more. For breakfast I had waffles, bacon, a croissant, a piece of banana bread, a cinnamon roll, and a small bowl of yogurt with cereal.

After I was done eating breakfast I played Uno with my sister. When we were done playing a few games we went back to our room to read. We read for about forty five minutes. After we were done reading, we went to the grocery store. When we game back from the grocery store, we put the grocery away and got ready to go to the pool. After we put on our swimsuits and sunscreen, we went down to the pool.

We had unlimited soft drinks for one day and we used it today. After about 30 minutes our dad came in to the pool. We played sharks and minnows. After we played sharks and minnows, we played catch with one of the balls there. Then my dad got out of the pool. After about 30 minutes our dad showed us the lunch menu, so we could choose what we have for lunch. When our lunch was ready, we got out of the pool so we could eat. When my mom told us that we could have dessert, I got really excited. I ordered a chocolate tart. The tart was rock solid with an enormous mountain of raspberry sorbet, a crispy topping and a perfect drizzle of raspberry syrup. When we were done eating we went back into the pool. After about 45 minutes, we got out to go take a shower before we had dinner. We had dinner at the hotel. After dinner, we went to bed.


Over the Fourth of July, I went to see my cousins in Virginia. I am going to tell you about some of my favorite things I did there.

One of my favorite things I did in Virginia was go to a fun swim club. We went to the pool with our cousin Susan. The swim club had four pools. When we got there we put on some sunscreen and we went swimming. There was this really high diving board at the pool. After about forty five minutes we took a break and had some popsicles. When we were done eating our popsicles we went back into the pool. After about 30 minutes we packed up and drove back to our cousins house.

Another one of my favorite things to do in Virginia was to watch soccer games with my cousins. Each morning that there was a soccer game we got up a little early, so we could have breakfast before we watched the game that was in the morning. My cousin Susan was yelling a lot because she loves soccer.

Another one of my favorite things I did in Virginia was setting off fireworks on the Fourth of July. We had a ton of fireworks and different kinds. We had small, big, sparklers, and many more. When all of the fireworks were done, we went to bed.

The final thing that I enjoyed in Virginia was seeing a live performance of the third Harry Potter movie. When we got to Wolf Trap, which is where the performance was, we found some tables where we could have dinner. When we were done with dinner, we found our seats. When it was done, we drove back to our cousins’ house.

I really like going to Virginia so I hope we can go again over the Fourth of July. Bye!

My Birthday Party

For my 11th birthday party I went to a amusement park called Great America  The friends that I invited were Kate, Regan, and Lexi. Kate and I were doing the same camp so we walked over to my house after camp was over. When we got to my house, we made sandwiches to eat on the way to pick up Regan. After we picked up Regan, we drove to Great America. When we got there, my dad and my sister were already there. Then we put on sunscreen and walked to the entrance. When we got into the park Kate, Regan, my dad, and I went on flight deck which is a rollercoaster. The line was really short so we got on really fast. My dad was so nervous but I was really excited. We were in the back row. After it stoped, Kate Regan and I wanted to go on it again. This time we sat in the front row. In my opinion siting in the front row is less freaky because you can se the track so you know what is coming. While we where on fight deck, my mom and my sister we checking out our cabana. After fight deck, we did a few more rides before we went to the pool area. When we got there, Kate and Regan went to the water slide. My sister and I went to the wave pool. After about an hour my other friend Lexi came. After about an forty five minutes, we changed back to our clothes. On the way to get a treat, we did a few more rides. For treats Kate got dipping dots and the rest of us got funnel cake. The line for the funnel cake was really long. I got tired of waiting. To pass time we looked at funny cat pictures on Regan's phone. Finally I got a funnel cake. After about ten minutes, Kate and I went on a baby rollercoaster. After we had our treats, Kate, Regan and my mom went on a rollercoaster while my sister and I went on a swing ride. After that it was time to drop off my guests. This birthday party was as fun and awesome as my other birthday parties.     

The Solar Eclipse 

On Monday I saw a solar eclipse. It was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. We went to Oregon, where our aunt lives. Our family plus our aunt, Don, Dale, John, and Chuck went about two hours from her house to see the full eclipse.

When we got to our viewing place, we set up the chairs and two tents. Then my dad made pancakes for us to eat for breakfast. After that we tested out special eclipse glasses. Then we saw the moon cover the sun. After the sun was completely covered by the moon, we saw totality. We saw Bailey’s Beads around the sun for two minutes. It was so dark that we could see the stars. 

I would recommend seeing a solar eclipses if you ever have a chance. We had to do a lot of driving, but it was worth it.


On Monday I saw a 100% total solar eclipse. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I was there with 8 other people:  Dale, John, Dawn, Chuck, my Aunt Mona, my dad, my mom, and Claire. We saw it in Oregon. As the moon was covering the sun, it was getting darker and colder. Suddenly, it got so dark I could see the stars. It was only two minutes. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a 100% total solar eclipse.