My first full day in Australia

My first full day in Australia was so much fun. I woke up at 4:30 because I was jet lagged. At 5:00 or after, our parents said that we could have iPad time. After about our hour of iPad time, it was time to go down to breakfast. Our hotel had a buffet. Some of the things that they had were waffles, bacon, eggs, cereal, yogurt, and many more. For breakfast I had waffles, bacon, a croissant, a piece of banana bread, a cinnamon roll, and a small bowl of yogurt with cereal.

After I was done eating breakfast I played Uno with my sister. When we were done playing a few games we went back to our room to read. We read for about forty five minutes. After we were done reading, we went to the grocery store. When we game back from the grocery store, we put the grocery away and got ready to go to the pool. After we put on our swimsuits and sunscreen, we went down to the pool.

We had unlimited soft drinks for one day and we used it today. After about 30 minutes our dad came in to the pool. We played sharks and minnows. After we played sharks and minnows, we played catch with one of the balls there. Then my dad got out of the pool. After about 30 minutes our dad showed us the lunch menu, so we could choose what we have for lunch. When our lunch was ready, we got out of the pool so we could eat. When my mom told us that we could have dessert, I got really excited. I ordered a chocolate tart. The tart was rock solid with an enormous mountain of raspberry sorbet, a crispy topping and a perfect drizzle of raspberry syrup. When we were done eating we went back into the pool. After about 45 minutes, we got out to go take a shower before we had dinner. We had dinner at the hotel. After dinner, we went to bed.

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