Monthly Archives: July 2014

Czech Republic

After Mainz, we drove the autobahn across Germany into the Czech Republic. Conveniently, the Pilsner Urquell brewery was right on the way to Prague so we had to stop for dinner and a few pints. In Prague, we rented a cute little apartment near the center of the old town and had a great few days wandering the streets of the city, finding ice cream and balloons wherever we could, visiting lots of parks including one with a cool miniature train, and spending a day at the Prague Castle where the girls pretended they were princesses.



Each summer we try to take a trip with the girls to show them some new part of the world, usually somewhere Stu has to go to for work or Wikipedia. This year we headed to Europe, starting off with a visit to Katherine’s friend Mary in Mainz, Germany. We had a fun few days there including enjoying the girls’ favorite German cuisine (Haribo gummy bears), visiting the Gutenberg Museum,  lighting candles in the Mainz Cathedral, touring a local market with Mary where Katherine in particular enjoyed some of the local “Heidelbeeren” or Heidel Berries, and taking a cool train up to the nearby Heidelberg Palace.


Katherine’s family has been going to the YMCA of the Rockies family camp in Estes Park Colorado since before she was born. We’ve carried on the tradition, getting up there once every year or two and even extending the tradition to some of Stu’s family. Here are highlights including another birthday party for Claire, visiting our old standby the Bald Pate Inn, cooking around the cabin including Persian food, fun with bubbles on the deck, lots of hiking, and a group selfie.