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Each summer we try to take a trip with the girls to show them some new part of the world, usually somewhere Stu has to go to for work or Wikipedia. This year we headed to Europe, starting off with a visit to Katherine’s friend Mary in Mainz, Germany. We had a fun few days there including enjoying the girls’ favorite German cuisine (Haribo gummy bears), visiting the Gutenberg Museum,  lighting candles in the Mainz Cathedral, touring a local market with Mary where Katherine in particular enjoyed some of the local “Heidelbeeren” or Heidel Berries, and taking a cool train up to the nearby Heidelberg Palace.

Oklahoma Christmas 2011

We caught a quick Southwest flight from Houston for part 2 of our Christmas with my family in Oklahoma. Imagine five girls 12-years old and younger under one roof, running around non-stop, making lots of noise, and generally having a ball with each other. Highlights included lots and lots of cooking and eating, opening presents, playing with the new Kinect they received, going out to a fondue restaurant for a fun family dinner, volunteering for a second year at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and ice skating in the sun. Click on the family picture for a slideshow of pictures from both us and Abbas.

Fall 2011 catch-up

In the Fall, adventures included fun in our yard with an inflatable whale-shaped kiddie pool, a visit from Grandma Judy, trips to the beach, school pictures, a visit to a local goat farm and dairy where Claire enjoyed eating freshly made goat cheese, a few pictures from Claire’s weekend-long visit to see her friend Maya in San Diego, and a Thanksgiving visit from our friends the Toths. Click on the picture of Claire and Juliet in the barn at the goat farm for a slideshow.

Claire and Juliet in the barn at the goat farm

Summer 2011 catchup

Summer brought its usual grab-bag of photos worth sharing. We’ve got pictures of hiking from Claire’s summer of 25-miles of hiking, plus Fathers Day gifts for me including a t-shirt Claire made, Juliet berry picking, Claire’s first baseball game, the usual shots from around the house, and even a video of Claire riding her tricycle round and round her playhouse. Click on the picture of me and the girls at a picnic at the Picchetti Winery for a slideshow.

Stu with Claire and Juliet at a picnic

Fall 2010 catchup

We had a busy few months and fell behind on pictures so here’s some to catch up, including the girls (mostly Claire) helping to make muffins one Sunday morning, testing out our new bike trailer, visiting our friend Carrie’s horse Sunny up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Juliet’s first play-doh experience, going to the beach with our friends the Revills and watching Claire and Anna build sandcastles, a visit from Judy around my birthday, the girls and their dolls, and of course the usual pics of eating and one of iPhone-powered potty time.

The girls are both talking a lot now so to give a sense of the Shakespearean dialogue we’ll start to sprinkle in some quotes.  Today, we’ve got two from Claire.  The first she said right after I started work:

Daddy started a new job, just like Curious George?

The second she said to Katherine one morning right after I left for the office:

I want mommy to go to work and daddy stay home and make grilled cheese.

Click on the picture of Claire helping me blow out my birthday candles for a slideshow.

Claire helping Stu blow out his birthday candles

Redwoods camping

A few weekends ago we headed to Big Basin State Park in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains for a weekend of camping with some friends of ours and Claire’s.  We stayed in a tent cabin, which was adventurous without the headaches of squeezing a portable crib into our small backpacking tent.  It was busy and fun, with ten kids under five-years-old running around our campsites, walking on felled redwood trees, playing hide and seek among the cabins, and roasting hot dogs and s’mores. It was also a chance to use our brand new roof rack on Katherine’s Subaru Outback.  Click on the picture of Juliet and Clare among the redwoods for a slideshow.

Juliet and Clare among the redwoods

Late summer 2010

Here’s part two of our Summer 2010 catchup. We’ve got pictures of Claire’s first face painting (a butterfly that matched her dress), a trip to a local kids zoo and amusement park called Happy Hollow where Claire rode her first roller-coaster, a bike ride to a nearby playground, a ride on a steam train through the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a pizza picnic dinner during a visit from my parents, playing at home including with a Slip ‘n Slide on the 100 degree day that was our hottest this summer, a visit to a beach in Half Moon Bay, and some eating shots including Juliet’s first (and certainly not last) chocolate ice cream.  Click on the picture of my girls at the beach for a slideshow.

My girls on the Beach

Easter in Madrid

We’ve just started a family vacation to Spain, celebrating Easter in Madrid.  Our trip has gotten off to a fine start, with long but undramatic flights and a free humongous room at a fancy hotel (thanks to points from all my business travel) with a view out the window of the beautiful Fountain of Neptune.  The weather today was warm and sunny and we walked all afternoon, joining lots of families at Madrid’s 500 year-old Sunday market, El Rastro, and enjoying lunch on the Plaza Mayor.  Three fun notes:

  • We have so much stuff for the girls that we needed to take two taxis last night from the airport to our hotel (embarrassing!)
  • After lunch on Plaza Mayor, Juliet for the first time walked a full ten steps from Katherine to me
  • We got a pleasant surprise at dinner out tonight:  a “half bottle” of wine, at least in this restaurant, is a half liter of wine so is what we would consider two-thirds of a bottle!

Click on picture below for a few slides from today, plus bonus pictures including an Easter Egg hunt, egg decorating (and eating), Juliet discovering the joys of toilet paper, and taking our new family wagon to a neighborhood birthday party.

Juliet's first steps in Madrid's Plaza Mayor

Fall catch-up

Before the photographic deluge of the holidays, we wanted to post some goodies from the past few weeks including Claire feeding Juliet, some portraits including Claire’s school picture, Claire demonstrating her passion for blueberries, and Juliet under her crib learning the downside of crawling only backwards. Finally, we’ve got a giggling video. Click on the picture of Claire and Juliet reading for the slideshow.

Claire and Juliet reading