Monthly Archives: March 2008


To celebrate Easter, we pulled together some pictures from the past few weeks, including visiting our friends Barbara and James (plus Christopher), Claire’s first bath in a real bathtub, and seeing our friends Bam and John Toth (plus little Tori) for Easter dinner where Claire got to wear a pretty dress her Nana gave her. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

Claire taking her first real bath


We’ve had a lot of fun with Claire over the past few weeks and have pictures here of Claire’s first ride in a grocery cart, her first balloon, a visit to our neighborhood park, visits from our friends Kaya and Kelley and their son Thaylo, and visits from Dave Ko and our friends John and Bam with their daughter Tori. Click on the photo of Claire helping me practice my guitar for a slideshow.

Claire helping Stu practice the guitar