Monthly Archives: May 2011

Costanoa visit

In late May we headed back to Costanoa with a big group of kids and friends. ¬†We roughed it in a tent cabin with heated mattresses. Highlights included playing on the beach and a two-mile hike where Claire and her friend Logan played sword with some tall coastal grasses. There was also a bungie-jump trampoline thing that Claire played on, and as always lots of s’mores with very large marshmallows. Click on the picture of Katherine and Juliet for a slideshow.

Katherine and Juliet at the beach

Spring 2011 catch-up

We collected a few pictures over the spring, including making cookies with a visiting Aunt Mona, Juliet enjoying the Sound of Music, an early spring visit to a family oriented “eco resort” on the Pacific coast called Costanoa and the nearby beaches, the girls doing yoga and playing games with me, Katherine doing a rainy triathlon with a group of her friends, a visit to a nearby zoo and amusement park, and finally Juliet’s two-year-old photo. Click on the picture of Aunt Mona and Claire making cookies for a slideshow.

Aunt Mona and Claire making cookies