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Happy Burpday!

Yesterday was Claire’s 1-month birthday! To celebrate, we went out for for an early dinner at the Left Bank, a neighborhood French restaurant that is fairly friendly with children (especially at 6pm). We also put together a slideshow with some pictures from the past month that don’t have a particular theme other than an obsessive, camera-toting first-time father. Click here or on the photo below to view. We’re both amazed at how much younger and smaller she was in the earlier photos. When viewing the slideshow, be sure to click the ‘i’ button that appears when you roll your mouse over a photo to see titles and descriptions.

Photo of Stu holding Claire with Katherine looking

Whose nose?

Everyone wants to know…. Who does Claire look like? Below is a recent snapshot of Claire and the earliest pictures we found of a few relatives. Please cast your vote for the top two lookalikes in the poll above and to the right of this paragraph, and then click on the Comment link under Sophie’s photo to tell us more about what you think.

UPDATE: The final tally is in and we had 18 people cast their votes as follows: 10 votes for Katherine, 6 for Stu, 5 for Cousin Will, 2 each for Aunt Laura and Aunt Mona, and 1 each for Aunt Eileen, and Cousins Sara, Sophie, and Susan. Do you agree? Add a Comment!

Photo of ClaireClaire Elizabeth West
Photo of Katherine as a babyKatherine
Photo of Laura as a babyAunt Laura
Photo of Sara Shobeiri as a babyCousin Sara
Photo of Stu as a babyStu
Photo of Eileen as a babyAunt Eileen
Photo of Sophie Shobeiri as a babyCousin Sophie
Photo of Will Vines as a babyCousin Will
Photo of Mona as a babyAunt Mona
Photo of Susan Shobeiri as a babyCousin Susan

志芳阿姨 (Aunt Chih-fang) visit

We had a great time over the past few days with Katherine’s friend Chih-fang, who visited us from San Diego. She brought some cute gifts, gave Claire her first few Chinese lessons, and cooked some delicious dumplings. We also figured out how to automatically convert this blog into Chinese (or 中文請按此) for her family in Taiwan to enjoy more easily. Here’s what Chih-fang had to say about our little girl:

我終於見到可愛的 Claire
漂亮 聰明 脾氣好
健康 快樂!

Of course, we also took a lot of pictures. Click here or on the photo below for a slideshow.

Photo of Chih-Fang feeding Claire


We’ve gotten a few questions about Claire’s middle name, Elizabeth, and thought we’d share some of the history behind a name inspired by both sides of our family.
Photo of Katherine's Great Aunt Betty at the family reunion in Glacier, June 2007
On her mother’s side, Claire Elizabeth is named for her great-great-aunt, Elizabeth Emma Lampe Erickson (pictured here a few weeks ago at a Lampe family reunion in Glacier National Park). Aunt Betty, as she is widely known, is the matriarch of Katherine’s dad’s family. Claire shares the honor of being named after Aunt Betty with her great-aunt, Susan Elizabeth Heidel Lotz. Born in 1915, Betty celebrated her 92nd birthday just one day after Claire was born. She grew up in Philadelphia and Oak Park, Illinois. She has lived all over country including Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ohio, and even Hollywood, were she worked for a movie producer. Betty currently lives in Iowa City and still drives her own car.
Photo of Elizabeth and Granny from 1915
On her father’s side, Claire Elizabeth is named for at least four generations of Elizabeths. The first was Claire’s great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Dunne (pictured here on the right in about 1915 with her daughter, Claire’s great-grandmother Eileen Dunne Corboy who we know as Granny). The second generation of Elizabeths was Claire’s great-aunt, Jeanette Elizabeth Dunne (known as Aunt Tilly). The third is Claire’s grandmother, Mona Elizabeth Corboy West (known to Claire as ‘Nana’ and a frequent and enthusiastic commenter on this blog). And finally, the fourth is Claire’s aunt, Mona Elizabeth West (who is visiting Claire this weekend).


Claire has recently been consuming about 24 ounces of food each day.  Wednesday at her pediatrician appointment, she weighed in at 7 lbs, 12 ounces.  So in a given day, she’s eating about 19% of her own body weight!  If she were to grow to 140 pounds as an adult, and continue eating and drinking at this rate, she would consume over 27 pounds a day.  Wow!

First dinner out

To celebrate Claire’s first Friday night with us at home, we headed to our favorite local Mexican restaurant for one of our earliest dinners ever (5:30pm). We ordered a few of their best margarita’s, Katherine’s first since last year. Claire had a bit of trouble drinking straight from the margarita glass, but once we poured it into her bottle she had no problems and seemed to quite enjoy the tequila. 😉 Click here or on the photo below for a slideshow.

Photo of Claire, Katherine and Stu sitting in a booth at Celia's Mexican restaurant