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Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was at home in California with a great series of visits from Katherine’s family. ¬†We’ve got pictures of holiday preparations including Claire going to see the Nutcracker with some of her friends, visiting Santa (which Claire enjoyed and Juliet did not), fun in the kitchen including making a gingerbread man, a gingerbread train, and frosting-covered cookies for Santa’s reindeer. Next up is the visit from Grandma Judy, Aunt Laura, Uncle Rob and Cousin Will, who helped decorate the tree and of course open lots and lots of presents on Christmas morning. Finally, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Sharon came for a few days of fun including playing on the new backyard swing set, “riding the horsey” on Jack’s leg, visiting the nearby Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford, and finally reading books with Grandpa Jack.

Our quote of the month comes from Claire, who demonstrated her increasing listening comprehension one day:

Katherine to Stu: Laura and Rob are thinking of going out and taking you-know-who with them.
Claire: me?

For a slideshow, click on the picture of Claire and Juliet playing with their new pillow pets.

Claire and Juliet playing with their pillow pets