Monthly Archives: June 2008

Father's Day

We celebrated our first Father’s day with a trip to see our friends John and Deanna, whose daughter Marlow was born just six days earlier. We also have some fun pictures of Claire showing off her 96th percentile in height, visiting the park with her friend Lauren, and diving into a big dish of Cheerios at another friend’s birthday party. Click on the photo below for a slideshow.

John and Stu with their daughters

Claire’s latest trick is crawling, which she is doing enthusiastically. Click on the triangle play button below for a video showing both her newfound mobility and her curiosity about cameras.

Poppa's 77th

May 30th was the 77th birthday for my dad Peter (who Claire knows as “Poppa”). To celebrate, all of us in his family headed to Oklahoma City to spend four fun days together at the beautiful home Eileen and Abbas recently built. We had a big birthday party, and lots of play time for Claire with her three cousins Sara, Sophie and Susan. Click on the photo below for a slideshow of photos by my Dad and us.

Dad holding a birthday card with lots and lots of candles on it