My Half Birthday 

Saturday August 5th was my half birthday. My sister was at a sleepover while I had a great time with my mom and dad. First I made lunch. I made quesadillas. After lunch, my dad and I went outside to read. After we read for about twenty minutes, we played ping pong. After ping pong I went inside to sort snap circuits with mommy. Then we went to dinner at Delfina, and I had pasta. My half birthday treat was gelato. Then we watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. My half birthday was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

The aquarium sleepover

On Saturday night, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a sleepover and a birthday party. It was my friend Lexi’s birthday. The people who were invited besides her family were me, Sara, and Maya. 

When we got there, we signed in and dropped off our sleeping stuff and explored the aquarium. When it was eight o’clock we went into the theater so we could learn the rules. Then we explored the aquarium until snack time. We saw sea otters, puffins, and penguins. Then it was time for snack. For snack I had milk and a cookie.  

Afterwards, we got our sleeping stuff and decided where we were going to sleep. We chose the floor in a room in front of a tank full of cool fish. Then we went to bed.  

In the morning, we packed up our sleeping stuff and went down to breakfast. Then we went to the gift shop so Lexi could choose something. Then we got our stuff and left.

Come to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see all the animals. It is a great place for a birthday sleepover.


Finish The Story

Susan hated her freckles.  She wanted to make them vanish.  So she got some vanishing cream.  After she rubbed it on, she looked in the mirror.  Her freckles had vanished, but so had her face!  Susan had become invisible. Write what happened next.

The next day her family was looking for her. She kept saying “I’m here I’m here” but they did not see her. So, she went to school by herself. When she got there, she was marked absent. 

When she was at recess, a girl said “Hi.” It was strange. “My name is Kylee. I have a magic power to see through invisibility.” “Whoa that’s really cool.” Susan said. 

Kylee said, “Do you want some unvanishing cream?” Susan said “Sure.” So, Kylee grabbed a bottle of cream. Kylee said, “You should probably put it on at your house.” “Ok,” she said. So she went home to put on the cream so her family could see her again. 

The next day at school Susan and Kylee had a good time together. They became best friends.          

Camping in the backyard 

Last night, my sister, my dad, and I went camping in our backyard in our big red tent. We slept in sleeping bags on pads. It was a cool night. We set up the tent and layed out our sleeping bags. The we got our stuffes and put them in the tent. After we got them dressed in clothes and put on a play. Then we went inside to brush our teeth. Then we went back outside and read inside the tent. Then we went to sleep. 

In the morning, we played a game on the iPad.  The game we played was called Carcassonne. Then our dad made some hot cocoa for us to drink. Then we cleaned up the tent and put it away.

Finish the story

Mark had a snake named Biff. One day, Mark took Biff to school. He had the snake in the bag, which he put in his locker. At recess, Mark checked the locker. The bag was still there, but Biff wasn’t! Write what happened next.

Mark was very worried and scared. “How did Biff get out of the locker?” wondered Mark. Then Mark searched near the lockers but did not find Biff. After, he searched the school. He finally found Biff on a table in the art room. Then Mark put Biff back in the bag in the locker. Then he searched the locker to see if could find out how Biff got out. Then he found a crack in the side of the locker. The crack looked big enough for Biff to crawl out of it. Mark decided not to leave Biff in the locker ever again!

Finish the Story

Clarence had a pet pig named Elmer. As pigs do, Elmer grew very big. On hot days, he loved splashing around in cool water.  One day, Clarence was taking Elmer for a walk. They passed the pool where the school swim team was practicing. Elmer broke away from Clarence and jumped in!  Write what happened next.

The swim team was frightened that there was a pig in the pool, so they got out. After they got out of the pool, they tried to find out who let the pig in the pool. They looked and looked, but they could not find anyone. Then Clarence came out of hiding and said, “That’s my pig!” Next, Clarence tried to get Elmer out of the pool, but Elmer did not want to get out because the water was warm. After an hour passed, Elmer said, “I want to live in the pool because the water is just the right temperature.” Clarence said,”OK,” so they built walls and ceilings over the pool. Elmer lived in the pool the rest of his life. Elmer lived happily ever after.

Snickers are better than candy canes

I think that snickers are better than candy canes. 

The first reason is because I like chocolate and peanuts combined better than mint. The mint flavor is too minty for me, and I like chocolate and peanuts combined better.

The second reason is because you can only get candy canes at Christmas time, but snickers you can get anytime. They only sell candy canes around Christmas time but they sell snickers any time you want to have them.

The third reason is because snickers are not made from just sugar, but candy canes are. Snickers have peanuts in them which give you protein and energy, but candy canes are just sugar.

I hope I have convinced you to go and get some snickers.

BBQ at the Barker’s house 

On Saturday night we went to my friend Kate’s house for a BBQ. When we got there we made some slime. The colors that we could chose from were blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, and many more colors. I chose blue. Then Kate made some blue slime.

Then we went on their bounce house and played a game. Then we had dinner. For dinner we had bread and hot dogs. After dinner, we had dessert. For dessert we had brownies, ice cream, and tons of sprinkles. After dessert we tied up Kate’s brother Jonathan. Then it was time for us to go, so we hid from our parents. When the parents found us, we came out of hiding and said  goodbye. Then we left and went to bed. 

I hope that we can do this again!

Swimming is the best sport

I think that swimming is the best sport.

The first reason is that swimming is fun. I think swimming is fun because I love to swim in water. When I swim I feel relaxed.  

The second reason is that it gives you a lot of exercise. Exercise is good for you because it burns calories and it helps you stay in shape.

The last reason is that in swimming you don’t need a lot of equipment. In soccer you need clothes, socks, shin guards, and shoes, but in swimming you only need a swimsuit and goggles.

I hope that I have convinced you to go out and swim!

Starbursts are better than Hot Tamales

I think Starbursts are better than Hot Tamales.

One reason is that Hot Tamales are spicy, and I don’t like spicy things. I don’t like spicy things because they feel weird in my mouth.

Another reason is Hot Tamales only have one flavor, spicy cinnamon, and Starbursts have many flavors.

The last reason is that Starbursts come in a wrapper, so you have to unwrap them, so you eat them slower.

Now I hope I’ve convinced you to go get some Starbursts!