Mike and Ike candies are better than peanut M&M’S 

I think Mike and Ike’s are better than peanut M&M’S. 

The first reason is because peanuts are not my favorite nut. My favorite type of nut is candied pecans.

The second reason is beacause I don’t really like the taste of chocolate and nuts combined. I like nuts and chocolate separately, but not together.

The third reason is beacause I like the fruit flavor of Mike and Ike’s. The five flavors of Mike and Ike’s are lime, lemon, orange, cherry, and strawberry. My favorite flavor is orange.

In all, I feel that Mike and Ike’s are better than peanut M&M’S.

The Sound of Music

This morning I was in the the play “The Sound of Music.” I was a servant in the play. My friend Anna and Kate were in the show too. Anna was a kid and Kate was a nun. As far as I know, nobody missed their lines. I really enjoyed putting on this show. I was really nervous the first time I went on stage in this show. My favorite scene was the party scene. The people who came to see me in the show were my mom, my dad, my nana, and my favorite babysitter Nora. 

For my costume, I wore a black leotard and an apron. I also wore a headpiece around my head. The costume was not itchy. The headpiece had to be bobby pinned down. 

Next year come and see me in the show!

Surprise visit from Nora

Yesterday my old babysitter, Nora, came over.

When she got there we showed her the new ping pong table and played some ping pong with her. Then we showed her the cleaned up garage and offered her some snacks. Then she said, “Can I have a glass of lemonade?” I said, “Yes.” Then my sister poured her a glass of lemonade. Then we played a little more ping pong. Then we showed her the slackline. 

Then we went in the garage and painted. I painted flowers with dot art which is where you use the back of the brush to make dots. Nora painted a sunset over the Grand Canyon since she was just rafting in the Colorado river. 

Then it was time for Nora to go.   

Surprise Visit From Nora

Yesterday my old babysitter, Nora, came for a surprise visit. My mommy asked us to closed our eyes and then when we opened them we saw Nora. I felt really excited when I saw her. The last time we saw her was at Christmas.❄️  When I think of her I think of the gingerbread house we made.

When she got there we showed her our garage. Then when we asked her if she wanted a drink, she said “sure, I’ll have lemonade.”  After she got her drink, we played ping pong and jumped on the trampoline.

Ping pong table

Two days ago, we got a ping pong table. In summer, spring, and fall we are going to keep it in our back yard but in the winter we are going to keep it in the garage. 

The ping pong table is blue. There are three balls. I learned that in ping pong the games go up to 11 points and, you have to win by at least two points. You switch serves every two points. We have four paddles, so that mommy, daddy, juju, and I can all play together. All around the world people call it table tennis, but in the U.S. more people call it ping pong. 

I played ping pong with Juju, mommy, and daddy.  I think my mommy is the best player in the house right now. 

When I play ping pong I feel happy. 


In Bend, we went tubing on the Deschutes River. When we got there, we pumped up the tubes, and put on a lot of sunscreen.

When we got to the edge of the river, we put the tubes in the water, and sat in the tubes. When we sat in the tubes we could feel the cold water on our bottoms. Then we put the strings of the tubes around the handles on the other tubes, so we would not separate. Then the river pulled us downstream. We went under four bridges. There were rapids, but we did not want to go on them, so we walked around them. After the rapids, we got back on the tubes. Then we floated another twenty minutes before we got out of the river. 

You should really try tubing.

My trip to Bend 

This weekend I went to Bend with my dad and my sister. We drove there. When we got to my Aunt Mona’s place, we had a little snack. After we ate a little snack, she gave us a tour of the house, and showed us were we were going to sleep. Then we went to bed.

When we woke up, we had breakfast. Then we went to see a volcano. Then we took a shuttle to the top of Lava Butte. At the top we saw a lot of mountains. Then we took the shuttle back down to the place where we got on the bus. After we saw the volcano, we went to food trucks for lunch. Then we went back to where we were staying and relaxed until dinner time. 

Then we went to bed. In the morning, we had breakfast and packed up the car. Then we left. 

Playdate with Anna

Yesterday I had a playdate with Anna, who is a friend we visited in Malaysia. She just moved back last week. I visited her in Malaysia in April. 

Here are some things we did. We went on the slack line, we went on the swings, and we played in the fort we made.

For the fort, we had a couple of ideas. Our ideas were…..We could make one in the living room with chairs and blankets. We could make one in our bedroom with blankets and our beds. Last but not least…we could make one in the playroom! We decided to make a fort in our bedroom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Near the end, Anna’s dad found a wasp nest. It freaked me out. In the end Anna’s dad sprayed the wasps and they fell. 

My upcoming road trip

This weekend I am going to Bend, Oregon to see my aunt Mona with my sister and my dad. The drive is going to be eight hours long. On the way down we might drive down the coast and stay at a hotel on Saturday night. On the drive I am going to follow the seventh Harry Potter audiobook on my kindle. I hope we get to have In n Out burger for lunch.  At In n Out burger I get a cheeseburger and a drink. Sometimes I get a milkshake. I can not wait to see my aunt Mona’s new place in Bend. I am thrilled to go to Bend. I wonder what I am going to see on the drive up to Bend! 

Summer in the garage.

While my sister and I were at camp, our parents cleaned up the garage. They made a painting table, so my sister and I could paint whenever we wanted. We also got a comfy chair from our neighbors who were giving it away for free. 

Our parents plugged in an old refrigerator and stocked it up with goodies. Our parents let us have one snack, one drink, and one treat each day we played outside. We could have two treats if we really wanted to. Later in the summer our Dad made it so we could listen to music in the garage. 

When I am in the garage I feel happy and relaxed. Come to my house so you can see the garage!