Finish the Story

Clarence had a pet pig named Elmer. As pigs do, Elmer grew very big. On hot days, he loved splashing around in cool water.  One day, Clarence was taking Elmer for a walk. They passed the pool where the school swim team was practicing. Elmer broke away from Clarence and jumped in!  Write what happened next.

The swim team was frightened that there was a pig in the pool, so they got out. After they got out of the pool, they tried to find out who let the pig in the pool. They looked and looked, but they could not find anyone. Then Clarence came out of hiding and said, “That’s my pig!” Next, Clarence tried to get Elmer out of the pool, but Elmer did not want to get out because the water was warm. After an hour passed, Elmer said, “I want to live in the pool because the water is just the right temperature.” Clarence said,”OK,” so they built walls and ceilings over the pool. Elmer lived in the pool the rest of his life. Elmer lived happily ever after.

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