Finish the story

Mark had a snake named Biff. One day, Mark took Biff to school. He had the snake in the bag, which he put in his locker. At recess, Mark checked the locker. The bag was still there, but Biff wasn’t! Write what happened next.

Mark was very worried and scared. “How did Biff get out of the locker?” wondered Mark. Then Mark searched near the lockers but did not find Biff. After, he searched the school. He finally found Biff on a table in the art room. Then Mark put Biff back in the bag in the locker. Then he searched the locker to see if could find out how Biff got out. Then he found a crack in the side of the locker. The crack looked big enough for Biff to crawl out of it. Mark decided not to leave Biff in the locker ever again!

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