BBQ at the Barker’s house 

On Saturday night we went to my friend Kate’s house for a BBQ. When we got there we made some slime. The colors that we could chose from were blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, and many more colors. I chose blue. Then Kate made some blue slime.

Then we went on their bounce house and played a game. Then we had dinner. For dinner we had bread and hot dogs. After dinner, we had dessert. For dessert we had brownies, ice cream, and tons of sprinkles. After dessert we tied up Kate’s brother Jonathan. Then it was time for us to go, so we hid from our parents. When the parents found us, we came out of hiding and said  goodbye. Then we left and went to bed. 

I hope that we can do this again!

1 thought on “BBQ at the Barker’s house 

  1. We all had such a great time , Claire , watching you four children having so much fun together!

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